M1 chasing Rob Roy in the Bumps - Photo by David Ponting

Ben Redman & Barney Price at the FISA World Masters Regatta

Henley Women's Regatta Club finalists

W1 finishing 26th at Women’s Eights Head of the River Race 

Metropolitan Regatta WIM3 winners

Henley Royal Regatta

W1 winning Headship in Cambridge Town Bumps

Second at Fours Head - Photo by Al Cragie

Pairs Head Winners 2018

Architects perception of new CCRC Boathouse

City of Cambridge is the oldest town rowing club on the Cam. We take pride in our heritage, bringing people together through competition and friendship.
We have one of the largest clubs in the region with a range of squads for all levels. Whether you want to learn to row, meet friends for a paddle or compete at national regattas, City has a place for you.

Womens Eights Head of the River 2017

WehoRR 2017

On 11th March the womens squad took two VIIIs to tideway to race the Womens Eights Head of the River over 4 1/4 miles from the University Stone, Mortlake, downstream to Putney Pier:  Both crews raced in the Intermediate category, and for the Provincial Pennant. The day started well with some of the nicest conditions we have seen on tideway in a few years.

The W1 crew of Zara Goozee (str), Katy Levitt, Naomi Morris, Sarah Airey, Katherine Watson, Susanne Valen, Lindsay Hamilton, Francesca Axe and Julia Kelsoe (cox) finished the course in 19.59.9 finishing 39th overall as the fourth Provincial Club crew on the day. Starting in position 123 meant that Julia had to cox the crew through overtaking 7 boats during the race whilst having a 7k battle with crew 122, with plenty going on the crew always had something to push off and some choppy water to deal with.

W1 racing the Tideway for Womens' Head of the River 2017.

W1 racing the Tideway for Womens' Head of the River 2017.

The W2 crew of Hannah Creasey (str), Alice Adriaenssens, Tiffany Morris, Aubree Wisley, Amanda Buttery, Marina Villarroel, Laura Beattie, Laura Farquhar and Alex Black (cox), many of whom are still novice status, were feeling positive from their recent win at Norwich Head and set off with confidence. A strong race meant they finished the course in 21.55.6 finishing 197th overall — a full 36 places higher than last years W2 and less than 20 seconds behind Cambridge 99's W1.

WehoRR 2017 W2 W2 rowing back from the finish for Womens' Head of the River 2017.

W2 rowing back from the finish for Womens' Head of the River 2017.

Women’s Eight Win in Norwich


"Sudbury! Move right please” were the words called out by Robert Nimmo, coxing the City women’s eight, on the River Yare on Saturday 25th of February at the Norwich Head of the River, hosted by Norwich Rowing Club. The crew stuck to their race plan and went out hard and fast overtaking the Sudbury women’s crew just 1 minute and 36 seconds into the race. Settling into their rhythm, all eyes were on stroke Hannah Creasey, as they went in pursuit of the next Sudbury crew. Responding well to the power calls, the women continued strongly over the 5000 metre course, keeping their blade work sharp and their finishes long. Picking up the pace in the last quarter of the race, they finished in 22 minutes and 9 secs; taking home a win for City of Cambridge Rowing Club. Press coverage of the historic Deuchar cup in the Eastern Daily Press shows the crew in action. The crew included Hannah Creasey, Alice Adriaenssens, Tiffany Morris, Sarah Airey, Amanda Buttery, Marina Villarroel, Laura Beattie and Aubree Wisley.

W2 nails

Coach Luke Wisley said “It was a convincing win. The crew are rowing confidently and many rowers training on the River Cam want to be in this boat at the moment.” The next race for the crew is the Women's Eights Head of the River Race on the Thames where coxswain Alex Black will be calling the race. The crew will adhere to their scrupulous and scrumptious nutritional plan of pre-race Italian fayre and home-baking. Crew stylist Laura will ensure co-ordinated nails and blades as "matching crews row faster!"

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