Junior squad at Norwich Head

CCRC Juniors at Norwich Head

Charlotte's report 

For the first time this year, we let the juniors off Cam. Those who have seen or heard of our on-Cam escapades will know that the City junior squad has an alarming tendency to act as a magnet for 'exciting' incidents and will realise that taking eleven juniors in eight crews to unchartered waters is a largely terrifying prospect. True to form, the day proved suitably action-packed to allow us to add to the growing number of "can you remember when..." stories.



The morning went smoothly and without incident. The WJ14 quad of Karim (cox), Bex, Jemima, Katie and Ava put in a dominant and assured performance to win their category, expertly overtaking several crews down the 2km course with some great lines from Karim. Bex, Jemima, Katie and Karim add to their growing trophy collection, with special congratulations for Ava, who recorded her first race win. Izzie and Emma raced well to finish as the 2nd fastest junior girls' double of the day, losing out by 3 seconds in the WJ15 2x category to a Rob Roy crew who they had beaten by 3 seconds in the Winter League the week before. Tied on 2-2 over the past four races, they look forward to continuing the inter-club battle in the coming weeks.

The afternoon saw the girls decide that rest is for the weak, as they jumped back in boats to race again. Not to be outdone, Izzi E-W affirmed her position as the "most hard-core" City junior by [foolishly] opting to race the 5km long course, and battled a strong headwind, a couple of errant Masters doubles with wayward steering and sheer boredom to put in a creditable performance in her first long distance race. On the 2km course, Jack and Jack had a great row to finish 2nd in J15 2x behind a strong St Ives double, as they continue to see the benefits of their training in their improvements in race times.

The WJ15 quad of Karim (cox), Izzie, Emma, Katie and Anna decided to entertain crews patiently waiting to boat by making things more lively on the way up to the start. Whilst the WJ14 singles tried to navigate the landing stages, oncoming motor cruisers and turning around into a stream of traffic, the WJ15 quad made them look highly competent by setting off with wet feet (holes in the wellies), run-over feet (a good example of why not to put your toes on the slide tracks of the person in front), blades in the wrong way round and a cox box that "kept making animal noises, like a goose". Luckily, as a junior squad, we are much faster than we often make ourselves look and the quad had a good row to record a strong time, but were unfortunate not to have any direct opposition.

Bex and Jemima's raced their second race of the day in WJ14 singles. Both deserve special mention for being crazy enough to agree to this - in particular Jemima, who doubled the amount of distance she had ever done in a single on the row up to the start, and who held her own in her first ever race piece in a single. Bex decided to live life a little closer to the edge and seemed to feel that it was only fair to keep the race marshals in the safety launches occupied by switching from rowing to swimming at the half-way mark. Her experience has taught three important lessons: 1) it's always best to do your gate up properly; 2) it's really cold in February; 3) if you do fall in mid-race, it's only polite to cheer for your fellow club-members whilst you swim to the side. [Post race note: Bex was back in a single, doing race starts, pushing herself off the bank and bringing her blade completely in to avoid eights doing practice bumps starts towards her the next day - seniors, take note!]

The juniors now look forward to racing on the Cam and at Peterborough next weekend (and in the meantime encourage you to admire the WJ14 quad's pennant which is hanging on the wall upstairs).

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