City Juniors Regatta Tour

junior boys at sudbury

The City junior squad went on regatta tour this summer, with three weekend races in three weeks.

The summer kicked off with Sudbury Regatta, where the majority of crews used their on-Cam steering practice to safely negotiate the bend and weeds. Many made it through their heats and semis, with strong racing from the younger juniors. The only junior win of the day, though, came from Will and Mathieu in J14 2x, who recorded their first win as a crew.

junior boys at peterborough

The juniors then went to Peterborough Summer Regatta, racing on the Sunday in 500m sprints. Most doubled up, with some racing six times across the day. Again, many juniors made finals, with some competitive performances against strong opposition. The junior win again came from the boys' squad, with Sam and Mycroft winning the J16 2x final by a comfortable margin.

Juniors at city of oxford regatta

The final race of the summer was to Oxford City Regatta. Izzi E-W rounded off her successful junior career at City with a storming weekend, winning six races on her way to pick up wins in both the WIM3 1x and, joined by Izzie P, WIM3 2x. Jack S consolidated his improvements this season to put in an assured performance to win the J16 1x category, with several other crews losing out to the eventual winners in verdicts of just a couple of feet.

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