M1 chasing Rob Roy in the Bumps - Photo by David Ponting

Ben Redman & Barney Price at the FISA World Masters Regatta

Henley Women's Regatta Club finalists

W1 finishing 26th at Women’s Eights Head of the River Race 

Metropolitan Regatta WIM3 winners

Henley Royal Regatta

W1 winning Headship in Cambridge Town Bumps

Second at Fours Head - Photo by Al Cragie

Pairs Head Winners 2018

Architects perception of new CCRC Boathouse

City of Cambridge is the oldest town rowing club on the Cam. We take pride in our heritage, bringing people together through competition and friendship.
We have one of the largest clubs in the region with a range of squads for all levels. Whether you want to learn to row, meet friends for a paddle or compete at national regattas, City has a place for you.

CCRC Winter H2H 2019


2018 Xmas Head Results


Chrismas Head 2018 Results

Fastest Crew: Downing M1
Best Fancy Dress: Cantabs Stormtroopers (109)
Best Line Under Green Dragon Bridge: Blitzen Cantabs (341)

Number Name Club Category
157 J Goode Cantabs IM31x
174 Christmas Elf Cantabs J15 1x
257 Cameron 99's J17 1x
358 J18-1x-A Leys J18 1x
159 Hanson Cantabs Senior 1x
168 Mills Champion of the Thames W1x
364 Ella Rob Roy WJ14 1x
258 Emma 99's WJ18 1x
231 Young Men St Neots 2-
154 Angel Gabriel Cantabs J15 2x
337 The Love Boat CCRC M Masters 2x
353 Gulia & Matt MEBC & KCBC M Student 2x
150 The Cratchett Boys 99's Senior 2x
166 Meadows St Mary's WJ14 2x
160 Mince Pies Cantabs WJ16 2x
250 Tilly 99's WJ17 2x
247 Affleck-Mills Champion of the Thames Womens Masters D 2x
352 Sidney 99's Senior 2x
118 I thought this was a Clare crew CCRC 4+
145 Fitz Frankincence Fitz Mixed 4+
229 Crimbo Bimbos ARU Novice 4+
146 Middle Earth CCRC W4+
332 J15-4x-A Leys J15 4x
121 Boys Quad CCRC J14 4xP
320 Presidents Quad CCRC 4x-
123 Do they know it's Quadmas 99's Mixed 4x-
341 Blitzen Cantabs WJ18 4-
138 Cupid Cantabs WJ14 4x+
135 Girls  Coxed Quad CCRC WJ15 4x+
312 Maui Chesterton Chesterton Closed
203 Champs M1 Champion of the Thames Mens 8's
107 BBeer St Radegund Masters C/D 8's
204 Grumpy Old Men CCRC Masters E-G 8's
104 Pottering around in Boats 99's Senior Mixed 8's
101 Downing M1 Downing Student 8's
120 9 Grads Rowing Pembroke Student Mixed 8's
125 Prancer Cantabs WJ18 8's
211 Intermediate Women Cantabs Womens 8's
326  Press Gang Xpress Womens Masters C/D 8's
224 Champs W3 Champion of the Thames Women's Novice 8's
130 Santas Rowdeer Womens Lower 8's Hughes Hall
304 Rudolph Cantabs Junior 8x+

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