M1 chasing Rob Roy in the Bumps - Photo by David Ponting

Ben Redman & Barney Price at the FISA World Masters Regatta

Henley Women's Regatta Club finalists

W1 finishing 26th at Women’s Eights Head of the River Race 

Metropolitan Regatta WIM3 winners

Henley Royal Regatta

W1 winning Headship in Cambridge Town Bumps

Second at Fours Head - Photo by Al Cragie

Pairs Head Winners 2018

Architects perception of new CCRC Boathouse

City Sprints 2019 Results



 Mens Mas F/G 1x  Chesterton: Woodham
 Mens J17 1x  99's: Mackenzie
 Mens 4+  St Radegund: Scruffy-looking nerf herders
Womens J15 1x Rob Roy: Lara
Womens 1x CCRC: Halliday
Mens J14/J15 2x Cantabs: Seamon
Mens J18 2x 99's: Champkenzie
Mixed J16/J17 2x CCRC: Thomas and Tabitha
Mens 1x CCRC: N Paul
Womens 4+ Downing: W1
Mens J13/J14 1x Rob Roy: Fergus
Womens J13/J14 4x+ Rob Roy: WJ14 4x+
Mens 2- Chris & Seb
Womens J15/16 4x+ Rob Roy WJ17
Open 4x- Cantabs: O'Shea
Womens J14 1x Rob Roy: Ella
Mens Mas E/F/G 8+ Xpress: Hard-Pressed
PEM Invitational 8+ CCRC: M3 8+
Womens J16/J17 1x CCRC: Susie
Mens Mas C 8+ Xpress: XPBailey
Womens J13/J14 2x Rob Roy: Ella & Elana
Womens Band 2 8+ Downing: W2
Open J15 4x+ Cantabs: Sharrock
Mixed Club 2x CCRC: Wares 2x
Womens J15 2x Rob Roy: Grace and Elizabeth
Mens Band 2 8+ Clare: M2
Mens Band 3 8+ Caius: M3
Womens Band 1 8+ Clare: W1
Mens Band 1 8+ Downing: M1

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